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Quality air is the guarantee of a healthy and controlled industrial process. Thus, for more than 30 years, we have been using our know-how for the sustainability of your industry by offering you filtration and drying solutions adapted to the most demanding needs.

Low pressure (<16 bar) adsorption air dryers without heat input

25 m³/h  > 2900 m³/h
Low pressure (<16 bar) adsorption air dryers without heat input

Our range of DA dryers uses the principle of adsorption under pressure in an effort to effectively dry compressed air produced upstream of the network. Thanks to its efficient system of two columns without integrated heat on a functional chassis, this achieves the dew point under expected pressure (-40°C to -70°C). In this sense, each column contains a specific volume of dessicant to ensure adsorption of water contained in the air. During regeneration the dessiccant releases the molecules of water held under the effect of compressed air passage. Then the adsorbent is ready for a new drying cycle.

The humid air produced by the compressor enters the dryer directly and passes over column A (for maximum efficiency we recommend using an additional SCF filter in a humid zone that is 100% saturated, particularly if there is no separator at the compressor output) after crossing the two high-efficiency CF filters of grade M, then S.

The humid air passes over the dessiccant, and water vapour is adsorbed. Then the dry air crosses a CF filter of type P particles that retains all dessiccant particles (25 microns), before being made available to the tank or users of the compressed air network.

Simultaneously, a small quantity of dry air is fed into column B and exhausted into the atmosphere by high-performance silencers designed to remove the humidity contained and thus regenerate the dessiccant for a new cycle.

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Caractéristiques techniques

Utilisation Intérieure

Limited energy costs

Design completely optimised with its two columns integrated on a single chassis amongst others to promote scavenging the desiccant and ensure reduced air consumption. Thanks to their digital display, DA dryers offer the possibility of hygrometric control and setting dew point permitting control and use in line with your requirements.

Optimised design

Footprint reduced with a compact vertical design and the possibility of direct wall mounting in models DAM25, DAM50 and DAM75 with wall supports. Resilient and with long life thanks to anti-corrosion paint and a chassis with oven-baked epoxy paint.

Plug and play product

Adsorption dryer ready for use with all integrated components directly in the DA dryer to facilitate major simplicity of use over time. Totally stand-alone, it requires no manueal intervention for control during use.

Skid version

Possibility of a basic version for integration of the material in a process/skid compressed air with report of the control and settings on a central console. Ideal version for integrators.

Easy Maintenance

Optimal accessibility to the various components reducing maintenance time and limiting usage costs. Maintenance kits are available to you to carry out maintenance as required.


- Tempo finish that allows a fixed switching of the adsorption dryer regeneration cycles.

- Thermo finish which optimises the drying cycles according to the flow rate, pressure and inlet temperature of the compressed air.

- Hygro finish which integrates the hygrometry management and optimises the drying cycles according to this data.

Energy savings

Load loss optimised across our range of DA dryers thanks to re-design that limits it to a maximum of 0.2 bar (average 0.15 bar), without taking into account filters upstream or downstream of the dryer. Coupled to high performance CTA filters in the CF series, load loss is limited to a maximum of 0.45 bar for class 2 particles in line with norm ISO 8573.1-2010.

Optimal security and control

Thanks to its microprocessor that controls the functioning of the DA adsorption dryer, it is possible to set a range of alarms linked to use of the dryer and thus generate maintenance and non-optimum-functioning alerts. All these alerts can be reported on a central control panel in your compressed air installation.

Performance guarantee

Manufactured and tested at our French factory and complying with the ISO 8573.1-2010, class 2 pollution, class 1 humidity, our dryers ensure you optimum use and guarantee over time. The digital controller ensures the best use and control of the cycles and ensures you a dew point under pressure at the expected values. All tanks are designed and tested in line with the CODAP code of construction observing European norms in force for appliances under pressure.

Limited sound pressure

Sound nuisance is reduced thanks to the isophonic design worked accordingly to facilitate reduction of noise and sound levels.

Simplified maintenance

Simple access from the central console that facilitates optimum maintenance of the dryer. Direct accessibility to all components.

Air flow[m3/h]2550757595170230340420590710850110014001700210025002900
Air flow [scfm]15304444561001362012483484195026498261003123914751711

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