About CTA

CTA is the French manufacturer of refrigeration solutions for the treatment of compressed air, industrial refrigeration, as well as air conditioning for more than 30 years.

CTA, specialist in the treatment of compressed air and industrial refrigeration since 1987

CTA, an independent French manufacturer, uses its experience in the development and design of products suitable for industrial applications in the compressed air and process cooling sectors.

Constantly in search of optimal performance, CTA has filed numerous patents ensuring it a leadership position motivated by innovation and the constant quest for performance.

On the strength of this knowledge, a partnership with the largest component suppliers and sharp cost control, CTA provides the most efficient lines on the market.

Engaged in a process of continuous improvement since 2002 through three strong values such as ecology, efficiency and economy, CTA offers energy recovery systems at the cutting edge of technology.

Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of CTA's mission, our best speech remains the definition and development of YOUR SOLUTION.


A worldwide service to take up all your challenge with expertise

With production sites in 3 distinct countries (France, Italy and Thailand), distribution subsidiaries in 4 zones (Europe, Africa, North America & Asia-Pacific) and a presence in more than 100 countries through distributors and Renowned integrators, CTA is able to offer you the answer to all your needs for process cooling, air conditioning and the treatment of your compressed gases.

Women and Men at your service...

Driven by passion and high standards, CTA, with more than 150 employees on 4 continents, continued its development to become a leading player in Europe in the treatment of compressed air, industrial refrigeration and treatment compressed gases.

Offering you responsiveness on a global scale but quality on a human scale, the women and men of the company are oriented towards a single common objective, the optimization and the sustainability of your process for your greatest satisfaction.

Faced with new ecological, environmental and economic challenges, CTA always keeps one step ahead by analyzing the environment around us and offering you tomorrow's solutions now.

... who anticipate the needs of tomorrow

In the early 2000s, CTA created the [e3] label, ecology - efficiency - environment, internationally recognized by our peers and which aims to create products around these three values which are at the heart of our DNA. Today, and more than within our products, these values guide the company towards the solutions of tomorrow.

Thanks to its know-how and its skills resulting from its long experience which are found within the line of products "Natural Refrigerant", perfectly adapted to the control of the temperatures and the quality of the air while offering the best answers on the environment & energy efficiency, CTA has become the leader in refrigeration solutions with natural fluids.