Traitement de l’air comprimé

Traitement de l’air comprimé

Quality air is the guarantee of a healthy and controlled industrial process. Thus, for more than 30 years, we have been using our know-how for the sustainability of your industry by offering you filtration and drying solutions adapted to the most demanding needs.


Desiccant is used to dry compressed air under pressure. Thanks to its hydrophobic qualities, it captures the humidity contained in the air and thus allows a very low humidity air for the perenniality of the industrial processes
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Eléments filtrants adaptables

At the heart of air purity issues, filter elements allow the filtration of the various pollutants contained in compressed air in order to offer very pure air to users and downstream industrial processes.
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Compressed air filtration is at the heart of the challenge to obtain high purity air. It allows the elimination of particles and pollution contained in the fluid and ensures optimal quality for the process.
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Drainers remove moisture from compressed air systems and actively contribute to the provision of high quality compressed air.
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Réfrigérants finaux

Air and water-cooled aftercoolers pre-cool the compressed air from the compressor and condense some of the saturated water vapour in the networks.
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Régulation de l’air respirable

Dual fluid water chiller for heating/cooling compressed air to maintain a stable, process-defined temperature. This solution is ideal for supplying breathing air networks in industrial sites.
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Sécheurs d’air

Our air dryers remove pollutants such as moisture, oil or particles in the air that can damage your systems. For optimal air utilisation, our air dryers are fully complementary to all our compressed air solutions.
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Séparateurs eau/huile

The oil/condensate separators allow the active separation of oil particles from water in order to discharge them into the sewer without any pollution risk.
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